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Yasmine’s Song

Duration: 0:19:22 | Channel: Indie Films  
Building the wall won’t keep two young lovers apart. Yasmine and Ziyad move in the shadows exchanging tender promises, but the harsh realities of conflict loom like a searchlight. Cryptic predictions of their town’s future loom over the unwinding fate of the couple. Directed by: Najwa Najjar Najwa Najjar's multi-award winning short film is a tale of two lovers trying to cross divides to be together ... they thought nothing could stop them. Ziyad, a Palestinian man who sells flowers in a nearby village is in love with Yasmine, a village girl. At night they meet in secret away from the disapproving villagers' eyes. And while Yasmine's parents are busy arranging her future, an unexpected development changes everyone's lives. Yasmine's Song is beautifully shot in rural Palestine and features captivating performances from some of Palestine's finest actors (including Hesham Suleiman, Hanan Hillo, and Mohammad Bakri). The script's subtle exploration of the challenges posed by social, political, cultural and physical barriers signals Najjar's emergence as one of Palestine's most promising writer directors.