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About Istikana

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Thousands of hours of premium Arabic TV shows and movies. Hundreds of films, series in drama, cartoon, documentary, entertainment, dubbed shows – all available whenever, wherever you want. We are constantly adding new shows every week, so keep a close eye on what’s new so you don’t miss our updated shows.

Istikana can be viewed on all your connected devices – all you need is an internet connection and a browser. And with one simple subscription, you can watch as much as you want on all your screens. If you just want to try us out then go ahead and watch show previews for all available content. So sit down, grab an istikana of tea and watch the many timeless pieces we have to offer.

For Content Owners

If you are a content owner (TV Station, Producer) your work should be online. Catch the online video revolution. Expand your reach, increase your revenue and maximize your profits. Please email content@istikana.com to learn more.


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