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BroadcastPro Middle East - 10 December, 2021
Having enjoyed great success in international markets, the streaming platform is now ready for its next phase of expansion in terms of content, technology and distribution.... Read more
Scoop Empire - 30 August, 2021
AIFF cooperated with Istikana, an online streaming platform, to stream 25 films from the festival; all with the goal of reaching more audiences.... Read more
EIN News - 25 August, 2021
Over 25 films being screened at Amman International Film Festival films can be watched online using the Istikana platform... Read more
Mashable - 25 August, 2021
in order to reach a wider audience, the festival will be streaming its films on the Istikana platform... Read more
Istikana Blog - 24 August, 2021
حققت المخرجة الفلسطينية مي المصري نجاحات متتالية في مجال السينما. تمتد تجربتها السينمائية على مدى أكثر من خمسة وثلاثين سنة. اشتهرت بأعمالها التي تركز على النساء والأطفال وتوثق لذاكرة الإنسان وحازت أفلامها على أكثر من مئة جائزة دولية... Read more
BroadcastPro Middle East - 24 August, 2021
Films will be streamed online on Istikana platform. The AIFF is also keen on reaching audiences in the governorates.... Read more
Wamda - 20 July, 2021
Carving out a niche for itself is Istikana, a Jordan-based SVOD platform that focuses on Arabic content, including hard-to-find classics, never-seen-before independent films and documentaries that are difficult to find on other online streaming platforms.... Read more
EIN News - July 8, 2021
Istikana is showcasing Palestinian filmmaker Najwa Najjar’s films on their Arabic Independent Cinema Streaming platform... Read more
EIN News - June 18, 2021
Istikana, Arabic Indie Cinema App, now available on Tornado, Toshiba, Daiko, Profilo, Medion, Hisense, Sharp and Blaupunkt Smart TVs... Read more
Sling TV - May 12, 2021
Istikana, one of the leading streaming services in the Middle East that’s known for offering the largest selection of top Arabic movies and series, has partnered with Sling on its first API integration to its Arabic customers in North America.... Read more
Sling TV - May 12, 2021
استكانة هي إحدى خدمات البث المباشر الرائدة في الشرق الأوسط والمعروفة بتقديم أكبر مجموعة مختارة من أفضل الأفلام والمسلسلات العربية، دخلت في شراكة مع Sling في أول دمج لواجهة برمجة التطبيقات مع عملائها العرب في أمريكا الشمالية.... Read more
Al Ghad - Aug 12, 2020
عمّان-الغد- أطلقت إستكانة مؤخرًا الفيلم الروائي الطويل “كابتن أبو رائد” من تأليف وإخراج المخرج الأردني أمين مطالقة على موقعها.... Read more
Digital Studio ME - March 8, 2020
Seven out of eleven IPTV providers in the Arab World are located in the GCC... Read more
Kawa News - Nov 4, 2019
Somewhat the Arabic cousin of Netflix, Istikina is an on-demand video platform specialized in production and distribution of Arabic and independent movies. Let’s meet his founder, Tareq Abu Lughod... Read more
Arabian Gazette - Nov 19, 2014
The disruptive impact of online video and the ‘second screen’ on the medium of television will be discussed by panelists from Twitter, Sky News Arabia, Istikana and BBC Future Media.... Read more
Wamda - July 27, 2014
The recent rise of on-demand streaming services and the introduction of smart TVs stands to finally impact people’s relationships with their TVs. ... Read more
Digital Production Middle East - July 13, 2013
Yahoo! Maktoob has partnered with Istikana to stream new and classic Arabic TV series to OMG! Fan Wa Mashaheer and Yahoo! Maktoob Screen.... Read more
aitnews - July 13, 2013
وقّعت شركتا “ياهو مكتوب” و”إستكانة”، بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك، اتفاقية شراكة لعرض أحدث المسلسلات التلفزيونية العربية الجديدة منها والكلاسيكية على موقع “فن ومشاهير OMG”، وعلى “شاشة ياهو مكتوب”، ومن ضمنها مسلسلات “الداعية” و”ذات”.... Read more
RapidTVNews - July 12, 2013
"We are very excited to partner with Istikana, to provide our audience with a rich viewing experience during Ramadan and beyond," said Christos Mastoras, director of business development, Yahoo! Maktoob... Read more
Ameinfo - July 11, 2013
With the month of Ramadan here, Yahoo! Maktoob and Istikana have partnered together to bring the latest in new and classical Arabic TV series to OMG! Fan Wa Mashaheer on and Yahoo! Maktoob Screen, including premium titles like Al Da3iya and That.... Read more
Wamda - April 2, 2013
Istikana has signed a deal to provide the MENA region with Bollywood content from Everymedia Technologies. The agreement includes the screening of around 200 premium Bollywood film titles on Istikana’s video platforms.... Read more
Al-Ghad Newspaper - جريدة الغد - Febuary 6, 2012
انسجاماً مع رؤيتها وإيمانها بأهمية المحتوى العربي والمحلي على شبكة الإنترنت والأجهزة المحمولة وأهميته في دعم انتشار وزيادة استخدام الإنترنت والأجهزة الذكية في المملكة، وقعّت شركة أمنية للاتصالات مؤخراً اتفاقية شراكة استراتيجية مع موقع استكانة الإلكتروني، المتخصص في عرض الأعمال التلفزيونية والمسلسلات والأفلام والرسوم المتحركة العربية الكلاسيكية... Read more
Biz_jo - Febuary 5, 2012
تشمل الاتفاقية بين أمنية وموقع “استكانة” الالكتروني، إتاحة الفرصة لمشتركي أمنية في خدمات الجيل الثالث من الحصول حصرياً على محتوى هذا الموقع الالكتروني العربي المتميز... Read more
Wamda - Febuary 4, 2013
Istikana, one of the region’s major video-on-demand portals, has just announced a partnership with Jordanian telecom company Umniah.... Read more
ArabCrunch - Febuary 4, 2013
Umniah has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with “Istikana” the specialized website in reviving well known television series, movies, in addition to classical Arabic animated shows.... Read more
Wamda - October 14, 2012
Samer Abdin, co-founder and CEO of Istikana, discusses the idea beyond Istikana, the VOD (Video On Demand) platform dedicated for Arabic content, broadcasting original Arabic plays, series, documentaries, cartoons, etc… For free and on any device.... Read more
Arab Times - July 12, 2012
The free VoD service will also provide Smart TV users with a wide collection of Arabic favorites including Bab El Hara, the story of Sayidna Yusef, and Souq Al Algaz. Users can also enjoy international dubbed favorites including Rosalinda, Rawabut Al Hob, and Al Yanbou. Istikana also provides a great children’s selection including Adnan wa Lina, Sindbad, and Calimero and is available on Samsung’s Smart TV Hub.... Read more
Itp - July 12, 2012
Consumer electronics vendor Samsung Gulf Electronics, has partnered with Istikana to launch free Arabic video-on-demand (VoD) service for Smart TV users.... Read more
Wamda - July 13, 2012
Yet if any platform is out to push the boundaries of video content consumption in the MENA region, it's Istikana. Today the Jordan-based startup has announced a deal with Samsung Gulf Electronics to offer over 30,000 hours of their online video content through Samsung's Smart TVs. This makes Istikana the first VOD platform to make the transition to the TV screen.... Read more
ArabNet - June 12, 2012
Samsung Smart TV users will now be able to access Istikana’s library through Samsung’s Smart Hub interface after both parties have agreed to launch a free Arabic VoD service on Samsung’s lineup of connected TV sets.... Read more
RapidTVNews - June 12, 2012
Over 3,000 hours of Arabic content will be provided by Istikana, including cartoons, films, children's TV, and documentaries, as well as international television series dubbed into Arabic.... Read more
Al-Bawaba - June 12, 2012
Samsung Gulf Electronics, a market leader in consumer electronics, partnered with Istikana to launch free Arabic Video-on-Demand (VoD) service for Smart TV users.... Read more
MEED - June 12, 2012
Istikana will provide Smart TV users over 3,000 hours of Arabic titles, including cartoons, films, documentaries and Arabic dubbed international TV series.... Read more
Ameinfo - June 12, 2012
Smart TVs are the future for VoD delivery. We are proud to have the global market leader Samsung as our partner in enabling users to access our rapidly growing library of Premium Arab VoD content. Istikana's mission is to provide premium content to our users whenever they want and on whatever device they want. Our Samsung partnership is a key element in that mission. Now users can enjoy Istikana's full selection of content on the web, mobile and finally on Samsung Smart TVs... Read more
Al-Ghad Newspaper - جريدة الغد - May 25, 2012
عرضت 6 شركات ريادية في تكنولوجيا المعلومات والمحتوى الرقمي أمس أفكار مشاريعها أمام الحضور في مؤتمر الاندماج في دورته التاسعة، حيث اتاح المؤتمر العام الحالي الفرصة أمام هذه الشركات لاستعراض خدماتها أمام الخبراء والمتخصصين من القطاع... Read more
Interactive Middle Mast - May 5, 2012
Istikana launched just over a year ago at Arabnet Digital Summit 2011, and I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Samer Abdin, one of the Founders in Dubai to chat on how things have went so far.... Read more
Wamda - March 29, 2012
As I chat with founder Samer Abdin at Arabnet's Developer Days, he speaks with the quiet confidence that only comes after a year of breaking ground and learning lessons along with co-founder Tareq Abu Lughod. "You know," he says, "I think we're on to something." It's an understatement, but Istikana doesn't need flashiness to garner attention today.... Read more
RapidTVNews - March 29, 2012
Movies from ART's extensive Arab content library are to be featured as part of the Istikana on-demand digital video service, as part of new advertising-based revenue sharing deal commencing today.... Read more
عالم التقنية - March 28, 2012
يعتبر موقع إستكانة من افضل المواقع العربية التي توفر للمستخدم امكانية مشاهدة المحتوى من المسلسلات بشتى أنواعها و البرامج المنوعة بشكل مجاني ، ولقد كنت ولازلت أزور الموقع لمشاهدة بعض ما يحتويه الموقع من مسلسلات قديمة تذكرني بطفولتي كمسلسل عدنان ولينا الكرتوني و مغامرات سندباد.... Read more
TheNextWeb - March 28, 2012
Istikana, a Middle Eastern site providing on-demand video content, has just signed a deal with one of the region’s biggest film suppliers, ART, giving it access to one of the largest movie archives in the Middle East.... Read more
ArabNet - March 28, 2012
Istikana, a leading Arabic video streaming service, announced the signing of an agreement with Arab Radio & Television (ART) to provide the streaming service access to its comprehensive film library.... Read more
Ameinfo - March 28, 2012
Regional internet TV service, has signed a contract with ART to show Arabic movies free of charge via the web.... Read more
The National - March 28, 2012
A regional internet TV service has signed a deal with ART, one of the Middle East's oldest broadcasters, to show Arabic movies free of charge via the Web.... Read more
Wamda - January 24, 2012
Winner of the entertainment category.. Second place: Istikana..... Read more
Zajil - January 21, 2012
المركز الثاني حصل عليه مشروع إستكانة – الفائزون في تصنيف المشاريع الترفيهية... Read more
Digital Production Middle East - January 5, 2012
Online TV services provider is planning to double the content it offers this year amid strong demand for online video in the Arab world... Read more
The National - January 4, 2012
One of the region's fledgling Web television services plans to double the content it offers this year amid strong demand for online video in the Arab world.... Read more
The Internet Awards - Middle East - September 27, 2011 is a finalist in the The Internet Awards - Middle East in the Best Arabic Website - media and communications and Best New Website - entertainment and lifestyle categories.... Read more
ArabNet - August 9, 2011
Istikana’s edge comes from what Samer called the ‘completeness’ of their content: series and movies can be found whole and in high quality; and eliminating noise from the search results – We worked really hard on the user experience, especially when it comes to searching content.... Read more
TheNextWeb - August 8, 2011
Istikana has set itself apart from other Arabic on-demand video sites by offering an extremely wide variety of videos, with modern and classic TV shows, documentaries and cartoons.... Read more
Wamda - August 8, 2011
Istikana, an online video portal boasting vintage Arabic TV shows, has just announced that they have received 1 million visits within 135 days, since their launch on March 22nd at Arabnet 2011.... Read more
Wamda - July 24, 2011
Imagine a romantic’s version of Hulu. Not just boasting the latest sitcoms, but jam-packed with your favorite classic TV shows. In Arabic. Free of charge. There you would have Istikana, one of the hottest startups coming out of Jordan.... Read more
Al-Ghad Newspaper - جريدة الغد - July 13, 2011
تم توقيع اتفاقية تعاون بين مؤسسة العنود للإنتاج والتوزيع الفني ممثلة بالمدير العام أكرم المومني وبين موقع استكانة الإلكتروني ممثلة بأحد المؤسسين طارق أبو لغد وذلك لعرض إنتاجات المؤسسة على موقع استكانة الإلكتروني Read more
Deeretna News - ديرتنا نيوز - July 13, 2011
كما و صرح الأستاذ طارق ابو لغد : نحن فخورون بشراكتنا مع مؤسسة العنود للإنتاج و التوزيع الفني الممثلة بالسيد اكرم المومني حيث انها تملك أحد اكبر و اهم المكتبات العربية التلفزيونية في العالم العربي كما و ان معظم هذة الاعمال القيمة المتميزة غير متواجدة على المحطات التلفزيونية العربية و سيحظى المشاهد العربي بفرصه متابعتها عبر موقع استكانة... Read more
ainnews - عين نيوز - July 13, 2011
هذة الإتفاقية صرح السيد اكرم المومني : تعتبر الأعمال الفنية التابعة للشركة الأردنية للإنتاج التلفزيوني و الإذاعي و السينمائي من أهم الإنتاجات الفنية في حقبة الثمانينات حيث انها تعكس البدايات لمجموعة كبيرة لنجوم الفن العربي في حقل الغناء و التمثيل و شاهد على هذة الفترة الذهبية في الإنتاج التلفزيوني العربي المشترك . إن شراكتنا مع موقع استكانة هي شراكة استراتيجية و سوف تضيف نوافذ تسويقية جديدة لإنتاجاتنا و تمنح فرصة للمشاهد العربي بمشاهدة أفضل اعمالنا على مدار السنوات .... Read more
Al-Rai newspaper - جريدة الرأي - July 13, 2011
تم توقيع إتفاقية تعاون بين مؤسسة العنود للإنتاج و التوزيع الفني ممثلة بالمديرالعام اكرم المومني وبين موقع إستكانة الإلكتروني ممثلة بـ طارق ابو لغد و ذلك لعرض إنتاجات المؤسسة على موقع إستكانة الإلكتروني Read more
Watany News - وطني نيوز - July 10, 2011
تم توقيع إتفاقية تعاون بين مؤسسة العنود للإنتاج و التوزيع الفني ممثلة بالمديرالعام السيد اكرم المومني و بين موقع إستكانة الإلكتروني ممثلة بأحد مؤسسي السيد طارق ابو لغد و ذلك لعرض إنتاجات المؤسسة على موقع إستكانة الإلكتروني Read more
TheNextWeb - April 4, 2011
We’ve put together a list, in no particular order, of 15 startups coming out of the Middle East which you should definitely keep an eye on. Jordanian based Istikana, an Arabic version of Hulu, offers full length video content in Arabic that is one hundred percent legal.... Read more
TheNextWeb - April 4, 2011
ATG’s extensive library of thousand’s of hours of drama series will be available on Istikana’s advertising based free-to-watch platform as of this month. This is a good amount of quality video added to Istikana’s library. ATG was the first Arab production house to have won an International Emmy Award (Al Ijtiyah – 2008).... Read more
ArabCrunch - April 4, 2011
Istikana the free to use ad-based online classical premium Arabic video content platform ( reviewed by AC here) and The Arab Telemedia Group today announced a new content partnership that will bring many popular TV shows from Arab Telemedia’s library, including “Akher Ayam Al Toot”, “Sham Shareef”, and many more to Istikana.... Read more
ArabNet - March 16, 2011
Istikana was among the 10 finalists... Read more
TheNextWeb - March 14, 2011
If you're part of the 80's generation in the Middle East, you should know cartoon titles like 'Adnan wa Lina' and 'Grendizer' although it's likely that you haven't seen any for the past decade or so. has come to change that.... Read more
عرب كرنش - March 14, 2011
إن كنتم تبحثون عن مشاهدة الحلقات الكاملة لمسلسلات مثل عدنان و لينا و جرندايزر و أبطال الملاعب و باب الحارة و فارس بني مروان، فإن موقع إستكانة يقدمها لكم مجانا حيث يمكن مشاهدتها مباشرة من خلال الموقع.... Read more
ArabCrunch - March 9, 2011
If you grow up in the Arab world you remember growing on TV cartoon series such as Adnan wa Lina, Grendizer and Abtal Al-Mala3ib. Istikana offers you the online place to view on demand the complete episodes of such series for free.... Read more