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The Narrow Frame of Midnight

Duration: 1:28:33 | Channel: Indie Films   Subtitled in English   North Africa  
A young orphan, Aïcha, is found alone in the forests of central Morocco. She has a personal history that reveals a courageous attempt at selfdetermination. Taken and sold from her home in the hills of the Atlas mountains, Aïcha finds herself at the mercy of a petty criminal, Abbas, and his conflicted girlfriend, Nadia. They soon cross paths with Zacaria, a Moroccan/Iraqi writer, who has left everything behind - including a passionate relationship with a teacher, Judith - to search for his missing brother. The group embarks on a journey that will lead them across Morocco, to Istanbul, the plains of Kurdistan and beyond. Starring: Khalid Abdallah,Marie-Josée Croze, Fadwa Boujouane, Hocine Choutri, Majdouline Idrissi, Hindi Zahra, Samir El Hakim, Nabil Maleh Directed by Tala Hadid
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