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Lukmat Eysh > Episode 1

Duration: 0:37:18 | Channel: Comedy   Series   Jordan  
Jordanian comedy television series. The storyline revolves around Eleiwah, a young man who approaches life and other people with the utmost honesty and integrity. During his search for work, Eleiwah meets a businessman who hires him and convinces him that he admires his integrity, and so wants to wed him to his sister, whom Eleiwah later discovers to be a mute. Being the man of integrity that he is, Eleiwah does not annul the marriage, and finds out that his new brother-in-law had swindled his sister out of her inheritance, so he insists on restoring his wife's rightful inheritance and succeeds in doing so in the end. Starring: Rabi' Shihab, Shafika Al-Tal, Yusuf Al-Jamal, Nariman Abdul Karim, Rashida Al-Dajani, Habis Hussein Directed by: Mazen Al-Kayed Awamleh
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