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Bashteri Ragel

Duration: 1:40:52 | Channel: Films Subtitled in English
“Shams,” the unbeatable fierce career woman, during her annual check-up she realizes that her egg count is not in her favor and soon giving birth will not be an option on the table. Not ready to be touched by a man, she decided to go for a fake marriage through an open call for sperm donors in return of a hefty sum and an agreement on her conditions, of course! “Bahgat,” the vet in need and the one who meets all Shams’s requirements, decides to take her stiff attitude with a grain of salt to get the money, but his biggest problem is how to hide this fake marriage from “Sally,” the woman he is physically infatuated with. How will the relationship with this odd arrangement unfold? Directed by Mohamed Ali, starring Nelly Karim & Mohamed Mamdouh
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