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Duration: 2:05:49 | Channel: Comedy   Theater  
A theatrical political-comedy about a state leader who summons a scientist named Soska to help his government in solving some of the problems facing the state, but due to a clerical error involving similarity in names, Soska, the belly dancer, is summoned instead. Starring: Suhair Babili, Abu Bakr Ezzat, Al-Muntasir Billah, Farouk Najib, Jamal Ismail. Directed by: Hassan Abdel-Salam

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Part 1 ‎ (2:05:49)
Channel: Comedy   Theater  
Part 2 ‎ (1:32:27)
Channel: Comedy   Theater  
Episodes (2)
Episode Title Duration
1 Part 1 2:05:49
2 Part 2 1:32:27