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Ring of Fire

Duration: 1:30:53 | Channel: Indie Films   Lebanon  
Beirut, 1985, the war has been going on for 10 years, and violence has now turned into an absurd chaos. No escape is in sight. While Chafic, a litterature teacher, comments on a excerpt of "The Plague " by Albert Camus in front of his students, a blind and violent bombing strikes the university. Chafic and some students take schelter in a small underground room. During the bombing, Chafic flirts with an unknown female student. This encounter albeit brief, changes his life. Although he is certain he has found hope and joy thanks to this girl, he soon réalise that finding her again will be a difficult quest, as everything happened in the dark. Chafic starts searching for this young woman in the urban jungle, as the city lives to the beat of everyday life and death. The following days turn out to be a nightmare, and soon, confusion, delirium and fantasy settle into chafic's mind. The teacher will be faced with a series of events and encounters that will awake anger and rebellion in him. Directed by: Bahij Hojeij