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Studio 84 > Ali El-Haggar

Duration: 1:24:36 | Channel: Entertainment  
An entertainment variety show that hosts in each episode one of the Arab world's super stars in the fields of acting and singing and talks to them about their lives, their artistic careers and the most important situations they've encountered in both their personal and professional lives. To name a few... Four M band, Sami Clark, Walid Tawfik, Mohamed Tharwat, Ali Hajjar and others. Host: Nagwa Ibrahim Directed by: Directed by Haseeb Yusuf

Most popular
Nadia Mostafa ‎ (1:24:13)
Channel: Entertainment  
Episodes (13)
Episode Title Duration
1 Four M 1:09:18
2 Sammy Clark 1:09:29
3 Mohamed Mounir 1:15:22
4 Walid Toufic 1:27:58
5 Mohamed Raouf 1:19:22
6 Fouad Hijazi 1:13:37
7 Mowafaq & Hakam El-Hakim 1:22:10
8 Nadia Mostafa 1:24:13
9 Arkan Fouad 1:26:59
10 Mohamed Tharwat 1:28:47
11 Georgette Sayegh & Joseph Azar 1:23:17
12 Ali El-Haggar 1:24:36
13 Marwan Hossam Al-Din 1:30:07