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Shi'a Echoes From Lebanon

Duration: 0:51:14 | Channel: Documentary   Subtitled in English   Lebanon  
This documentary sets out to capture the shades of political movements and opinions held today by Lebanese Shiites through the profiles of three young people and the intervention of an important Shiite cleric Sayyed Hani Fahs. Marwan Hamdan is an aspiring filmmaker with “Leftist” beliefs who is facing difficulties in living in a society becoming more and more religious and closed. Fouad Khraiss is a student who supports the “Amal” Movement founded by Imam Moussa Sadr. Isra’a Aoudeh is a fervent follower of Hezbollah. The figure of the father, cinema v/s politics, the relation to “Dahieh”-Beirut southern suburb which is a Shiite stronghold- the south and liberation- the absence of a unifying state are all themes exposed in this journey where secularism and sectarianism face each other and where the echoes put question marks on Lebanon itself. Directed by: Hady Zaccak