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Missing 48

Duration: 0:19:56 | Channel: Documentary   Subtitled in English   Palestine  
In addition to Palestine, the 1948 war had repercussions on all Arab countries, especially on the families of soldiers who fought to defend Palestine. The war claimed many lives, some of whom’s fate, martyrdom and burial was not recorded by history. Since the transmitted memory is the document of proof for the survival and defense of the occupied land and the stolen past, director Abed Alfattah Dawod traces the journey of researcher Tarek Al Bakri on his quest to find the story of one of the Jordanian soldiers who participated in the war and was registered as missing. Al Bakri sought to exhume remnants of memory from the war by researching a group of documents and information that was exchanged since 1948 to find out the fate of the missing soldier through official records and to know the place of his burial in the event of his martyrdom. Despite 70 years of losing track of him, the film served as a chance to revive hope for his family. Director: Abed Alfattah dawod