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Kofia: A Revolution Through Music

Duration: 0:29:50 | Channel: Documentary   Palestine  
The award-winning documentary film Kofia: A Revolution Through Music presents the story of Kofia band, formed by Nazareth-born Palestinian songwriter George Totari in Sweden. Forced out of Palestine in the wake of the 1967 Naksa, Totari brought together a group of radical Palestinian and Swedish musicians and activists, who gained a reputation in Europe and internationally for their building of a resistance culture. Bringing together archive material and first-time interviews with Kofia band members, Kofia: A Revolution Through Music is the soundtrack to Palestinian exile history, bound by creative struggle and solidarity. Since its cinema release in summer 2021, Kofia: A Revolution Through Music has taken festivals by storm in Palestine, Europe and North America, winning the trophy for Best Documentary at al-Awda International Film Festival. Director: Dr Louis Brehony