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Khrarif 1 > Episode 3

Duration: 0:04:06 | Channel: Entertainment   Palestine  
Khrarif is a visual platform that is looking forward to documenting Palestinian folklore and present it to the digital audience in a modern way. The main aim of this platform is to save this folklore art and transform it into an interesting language that attracts new generations by using our team’s skills in video productions. Our dream is to spread our culture in the digital world. Khrarif team is aiming to link our Palestinian reality and cultural heritage. The Khrarif project is established by a team from the Levant region The main supporter is Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation

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2 Episode 2 0:01:21
3 Episode 3 0:04:06
4 Episode 4 0:01:33
5 Episode 5 0:02:33
6 Episode 6 0:04:30
7 Episode 7 0:02:42
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