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5 Broken Cameras

Duration: 1:32:04 | Channel: Documentary   Palestine  
5 Broken Cameras is the first Palestinian Documentary to be nominated for the academy award the Oscar the film win the World Cinema Directing Award: Documentary 2012 in the Sundance Film Festival. The Cinema Eye Awards, Winner -Best Film and the IDFA - Winner - Special Jury Award, Audience Award among a few.The documentary shows the destruction of each one of Emad Burnats cameras while following the evolution of a family's life in Palestine during a 6 year period of upheaval in the village of Bil'an in Palestine during an occupation by the Israeli government. The screening is a small glimpse in the life of another human across the world. A part of the world that admittedly many know little of. Understanding this farmers use of a camera, a visual aid that documents his life is very similar to the mediums we use here at RISD and would definitely benefit the community’s ability to change how the worldviews things may it be through a camera lens, a paintbrush, or a design model.