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The Tramp

Duration: 2:07:55 | Channel: Films  
Egyptian Movie After his mother’s death, Hasanain leaves his village to live with his uncle in Cairo. He is a fiasco in all jobs that his uncle tries to find him. His uncle advises him to go back to the village. On his way back, Hasanian falls in the hand of an organized begging gang headed by Hamoush to end up as a tramp in an upper Cairo superb. A corrupt businessman mistakenly believes that Hasanain is an undercover police agent and offers him a large sum of money to write a report indicating the businessman’s good conduct. When the businessman and the begging gang find out that Hasanian fooled them, they attack his wedding party but the police intervene and arrest them since Hasanain was cooperating with the cops. Stars:Adel Emam Isaad Younis Director: Ahmed Al-Sabaawi