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Istikana API

We love really simple APIs that do not reinvent the wheel. This is why our API is based on ATOM. Almost everything should be self explanitory. Let us know what you think.

Get all shows

Format: https://www.istikana.com/[en|ar]/atom/tv_shows

For example,
Arabic: https://www.istikana.com/ar/atom/tv_shows
English: https://www.istikana.com/en/atom/tv_shows

Get a single show

Format: https://www.istikana.com/[en|ar]/atom/tv_shows/show id

For example, Bab El-Hara 1
Arabic: https://www.istikana.com/ar/atom/tv_shows/bab-el-hara-1
English: https://www.istikana.com/en/atom/tv_shows/bab-el-hara-1

Questions: send email to support@istikana.com